Nanostray 2 - The Game
Nanostray 2 (N2) is the ultimate action experience for your Nintendo DS. N2 delivers fast paced gameplay, more intense than any other game for your handheld. Ultra smooth graphics easily surpass anything you have seen on the Nintendo DS before. Discover hundreds of unique enemies, beautiful worlds and frightning bosses spread across the Nanostray galaxy. Face the ultimate challenge!
Nanostray 2 is released in the USA on March 11, 2008 by Majesco Entertainment, in Europe on October 9th, 2008 by Codemasters
Game Features
Game Modes
2 Player
Comprehensive Adventure Mode
Discover the truth about the Nanostray Virus. Experience an exciting story, excellent cutscenes, extensive voice acting, and never seen before special effects.
32 Challenges
Master 32 challenges, each located in a unique environment. A broad range of different tasks have to be solved, ranging from easy to ambitious. Complete a set of 8 challenges to unlock one of the four extra 'Simulator' games.
4 Unlockable Simulators
The simulators are fast paced arcade style games, focused on hiscore hunting. They are all designed in a unique futuristic 'simulator' style. Each game is a complete new experience, no remake of classic arcade games.
Configurable Weapons
Setup your custom weaponry. Unlock six powerful weapons. Adapt and customize your arms before starting for a new area. Use three different systems at once.
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support
All players can compete in the N2 world championship. You can directly upload all your scores from ARCADE MODE to the world championship board and browse it online in a number of categories. Local wireless co-op play is also supported.
Three Control Schemes
1: Classic Control (doesn't force any touch screen usage)
2: Left Handed Touch Control (using the stylus and buttons)
3: Right Handed Touch Control (using the stylus and buttons)

The Touch Controls give a complete new feeling to an arcade game like N2. Those control schemes are very accessible for players who haven't played many arcade games before. Skilled players will enjoy the new controls as a new experience to the genre.
Other features
16 giant bosses
Over 100 different enemies
Great Soundtrack. Contains more than 30 energetic songs and over 200 sfx
New scoring mechanisms including the Nanogauge
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